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Brainwasher 02:18
a quiet life under a blue sky a goddamn trap that is so nice two kids, a dog, a pretty wife i'm making sure you always smile brainwasher down on the streets faces so kind a boredom suburb, a life of shite no guts, no glory and a crippled mind you say you're happy but that's a lie i'm a brainwasher, i don't want you to think got to put your brain in my washing machine i wash the stains, leave no idea i'm a brainwasher, i make things clear locked in a cell that i designed all that you hate is what i like fucked from the start until you die a meat puppet blinded by lies
one day they arrived with promises and dreams // lies and greed the sound of footsteps on the ground, the smell of burnt powder // the bombs fall the sun has risen, shining on a scorched earth // their hearts bleed too much oppression, a new look at the “world” // no more hope they had a "land" but everything collapsed they are foreigners, not different, only refugees! it's time to leave, to flee for a new start // they walk away a can of water and their savings, they left everything // try to escape on their way they met some sneaky robbers // some pass away for a lot of money they went through the “world” // dressed in scars from bloody roads to oceans of fire, the price of lives, till death, has come together from country to unfriendly lands, sorrow and hate were their only allies a new "homeland", a country of freedom, is it the end of this torment? no, just sparks of hope in their hearts, a nation where they wish to survive
Fucking word 01:45
afraid! afraid! afraid! to use the fucking word afraid! afraid! afraid! you're scared to provoke what has put us down for long time don't wanna take a stand and prefer to disguise you're hurt, you're ashamed for something we say erase this patriarchal thoughts from your brain 'cause if we're not human carpets you're afraid of us your ideal of a woman don't differ from a slave so the « poor » men against feminism are afraid of loosing power don't believe they're right, don't feel sorry for those cowards i am a feminist - i'm not your girl not your mother - not your pet i'm a feminist - i'm not your girl not your friend - don't look so sad ! when your arguments are so vain and sneeze you call us « nazifeminists » so we can freeze but we don't freeze to your bullshit, you're just scared to pay for the injustices we were able to bear and when nature will eat you alive when it will be your time to die when you, the cancer, will breed no more when you won't be able to dominate the world anymore !
i was born on a bloody rainy day i didn't wanna leave this hideaway - i didn't have a choice cold, noise, unknown - i was terrified! numbness, weakness, drowsiness - come on what are you waiting for pollution, mutation, confusion - feed the tumör to even the score mother earth loved me and embraced humanity pretended to teach me - it was a filthfull of lies hate, wars, treasons - i had nausea! i had a dream of freedom and humanity i grew up fed with poisons - i assimilated them fattened, infected, chained - i became sovereign! it's time for me to end this absurd carnival i'm the tumör of mother earth – your cherished child death, end, cease - extinction of mankind!
mixed opinion from many millions of mixed dominion so conflicting and so restricting to each other - freedom of choice? you're stagnant, you don't question yourself. it's your thoughts you should re-arrange what's your problem, are you alright? swimming in your insecurities i don't wanna hear no philosophy i think i know what's good for me forget it all i think i know what's the best for me what the hell are you doing? there's no leader and no follower if you are « real » using, abusing till you can, acting egocentrically. if your life is empty don't blame it on me strong unions but not unity, hopelessly updated something's wrong and actually your envy is devouring your mind am i the only one on the seasaw today? as there is no one to push it up the other way you got to do it yourself, be a handyman. you got to make out the best that you can


On this recording FTT was

Guitars : Jonaids & Hepytitis
Bass : Staphylojos
Drums : Janfluenza
Vokills : Paspilloma & Cristyphilis

recorded in July 2019 at ASBAK's headquarter, Hasselt, Belgium.
Drawing by Jonaids


released July 1, 2019


all rights reserved



FEED the TUMÖR Liège, Belgium

In Spring 2018 the first 3 infected cells got together. On a few months the Tumör thrived, 2 other cells appeared. The tumör was diagnosed and ready to spread!!!

FEED the TUMÖR is a Crust band born out of the ashes of Last Legion Alive, Vagina Dendata, Chaos Bastards, Smäris...

Guitars : Hepytitis
Bass : Staphylojos
Drums : Janfluenza
Vokills : Paspilloma & Cristyphilis
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